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ISAR Manual

  Introduction to Search and Rescue Manual: 2008 Version


A NASAR Manual

  The Introduction to Search and Rescue (ISAR) NASAR textbook is designed to be the reference textbook for the NASAR Course "Introduction to Search and Rescue" and the NASAR SAR Tech III certification test.  The textbook covers the following materials: Introduction to Search and Rescue, Search and Rescue Management Systems, Introduction to Land Navigation and Orienteering, Introduction to Search and Rescue Resources, Search Philosophy, Search Tactics, Clue Consciousness, Search Operations, Lost Person Behavior, Helicopter Operations and Search and Rescue Communications.  The text was authorized by several of the NASAR instructors and SAR Tech III Committee members.  It is designed to provide the basic search and rescue information needed by all persons wanting to participate in SAR operations.

1999, soft cover, approx 120 pgs.   $26

FUNSAR Manual  Fundamentals of Search and Rescue Manual Jones and Bartlett Publishers

   The Textbook "Fundamentals of Search and Rescue" is the textbook that is used for the NASAR course FUNSAR (Fundamentals of Search and Rescue) and the NASAR certification test SAR Tech II.  Topics covered in this book include: an Overview of Search and Rescue Systems, an overview of the National Incident Management Systems, Incident Command System (ICS), Search and Rescue Legal Issues, Searcher Physiology, Searcher Fitness, Searcher Survival and Improvisation, Outdoor Clothing Systems, Safety in Search and Rescue Environments, Search and Rescue Ready Pack Considerations/Contents, Searcher Personal Equipment, Navigation, Intermediate Training in Search and Rescue Resources and Technology, Outdoor Travel Skills, Tracking, Basic Search Theory and Operations and Basic Rescue Equipment and Operations.

Revised 2005, soft cover, 360 pages.        $41

ADSAR Manual Advanced Search and Rescue Manual

A NASAR Manual

The textbook "Advanced Search and Rescue" is the reference book for the NASAR Course ADSAR (Advanced Search and Rescue) and the NASAR Certification Test SAR Tech I.  This text was compiled from chapters authored by many knowledgeable members of the SARTECH I development committee.  Topics covered in the text: Incident Command Systems for Search Crew Leaders, Small Unit Leadership, Searcher Physical & Mental Fitness, Search Crew Safety, Crew Leaders SAR Ready Pack, Search Crew Tactics, Search and Rescue Dog Tactics, Search and Rescue Dog/Crew Task Force Tactics, Advanced Map & Land Navigation, Traversing of Hazardous Outdoor Terrain and Improvised Transport, Crew Briefing and Debriefing Procedures and Stress Management for Crew Leaders.

1997, soft cover, illustrations, 133 pgs.   $26 

MLPI Manual Managing Lost Person Incidents Manual

A NASAR Manual

The textbook "Managing Lost Person Incidents" is the reference book for the NASAR Course MLPI (Managing Lost Person Incidents). The textbook provides a thorough and up-to-date introduction to land search management.  Topics covered in this book include: Predicting Lost Person Behavior, Establishing the Search Area, Setting and Shifting Search Priorities, Measuring Coverage, Allocating Search and Rescue Resources, using Search and Rescue Technology, Coping with Searcher Stress, and Managing various roles and functions needed to successfully conduct a search.  Emphasis is placed upon the use of the Incident Command System and the National Incident Management System, starting with the initial response and expanding as necessary through the remainder of the incident.

2007, illustrations, soft cover, 2nd Edition, 351 pages.   $36

SAR Operations Field Guide Search and Rescue Operations Field Guide

A NASAR pocket booklet

This reference guide is required for the MLPI course.  This pocket guide was formerly the Incident Command Field Handbook.  This is a pocket-sized booklet for all SAR Personnel, from field personnel to managers.  Many of the charts and graphs have been updated to include revised or new information about SAR operations from the MLPI text and other sources.  The new revision is formatted into sections (Initial Actions, Command, Operations, Planning, Investigations & Logistics).  It also includes over fourteen Appendixes covering such topics as : Developing and Incident Action Plan, Map Symbol, Search Planning Formulas, etc.  This handbook is A MUST to assist SAR personnel in taking the most appropriate actions during SAR operations.

 2001, pocket size, 70 pages.  $16 

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