Wilderness Emergency Response Institute

Consulting Services


Wilderness Emergency Response Institute, LLC. provides consulting services.  Whether an organization needs assistance with creating emergency response preplans, evaluating their current preplans or in the need of response capability critiquing, WERI has the expertise to assist.
WERI can create or assist in creating an organization's preplans for aerial lift emergencies and missing person incidents.  Any organizations that operates an aerial lift needs to meet either ANSI B-77 Standard or a states regulatory agency standard.  These standards require a preplan to be in place to deal with emergencies that may occur with the aerial lift.  WERI can create or assist an organization or municipality with meeting ANSI B-77 or state regulatory agency requirements for aerial lift rescue preplans.
Many Organizations are also tasked with responding to missing person incidents.  These organizations need to have preplans to either meet industry standards or through regulations.  WERI can create or assist an organization or municipality with meeting these requirements for missing persons preplans.
From time to time a Resort will host a special event (Special Olympics, races, competitions, etc.).  During these incidents a special event emergency response plan should be created and implemented to address the increase in special users and customers.  WERI can create or assist a Resort or Patrol with creating an emergency response plan and implementing the plan.
WERI can also observe your organization or municipality emergency response capabilities while observing the implementation of preplans.  At the completion of critiques, WERI will issue the organization a report with the evaluation of the plan, good points found in the plan and suggested changes that can be made with the preplan. 
Contact WERI administration for more details and costs.  Wilderness Emergency Response Institute, LLC, provides the following preplan creation services and consulting services.

-Aerial Lift Rescue Preplans
*Resort Based
*Non Resort Based

-Missing Person Preplans
*Resort Based
*Municipality Based

-Aerial Lift Rescue Response Evaluations

-Missing Person Response Evaluation

-Special Event Emergency Operations Plans