Wilderness Emergency Response Institute

Pennsylvania SAR Courses


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Wilderness Emergency Response Institute provides Pennsylvania level Search and Rescue training courses.  In the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, a commonwealth governmental agency designed the first Search and Rescue classes for the Emergency Responders of Pennsylvania.  Although this agency no longer provides these classes they have authorized The Pennsylvania Fire Academy to offer the courses.  The Pennsylvania Fire Academy provides the search and rescue courses through the Community College System of Pennsylvania. 

Wilderness Emergency Response Institute, LLC. Provides these courses through Bucks County Community College.  The original  Search and Rescue classes are only provided in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and taught by PA State Fire Academy Certified Instructors.  All of these courses must have a minimum of 10 students to administer the class.  Bucks County Community College charges a small fee to the hosting organization.  The fees are a flat rate, NOT a per student fee.  The fees for each class are listed below.  The Search Responder, Basic, and Advanced Grid Team courses prepare the student to take the Field Team Member and Field Team Leader certification tests.

Wilderness Search and Rescue - Search Responder $300 per class

 Wilderness Search and Rescue - Basic Grid Team $150 per class

Wilderness Search and Rescue - Advanced Grid Team $150 per class

Wilderness Search and Rescue - Search Management $750 per class